18 Best Free online Video editors in 2021


Who doesn’t like watching videos? Of course, videos are the best way to create a meaningful connection with your audience. The videos are used for different purposes like education, influence, advertisement, or inspire someone. But a poorly edited video is no good than not having a video, especially in 2021. Some top-notch video editing tools are here to rescue you from misery but the learning curve can be much worse, especially if you’re a beginner & never did any video-related work in the past. Even if you want to learn video editing then your system needs to be compatible with offline editing programs like Sony Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro, Filmora, etc. So, here comes the list of some online video editors which are easy to use & work straight from your browser & learning curve is not that steep.

1. Adobe Spark Post

You’re probably familiar with Adobe as they own this lineup of some extraordinary tools on the planet After effects & Premiere pro and other great creative tools. They recently introduced this new tool Adobe Spark post that helps you create beautiful posts for your Social Media, webpage layout & yupp! You can edit videos on it. Let’s jump on to the video editing part. So, Spark Post feels more like a presentation tool rather than a typical video editing software. You can create some nice videos on it by moving slides, adding text, images, etc. If you’re rocking with an iPhone or Ipad, you’re in good company because the Spark Video Android app comes with a built-in voiceover functionality.

2. Animatron

Animatron is a company that owns two feature-rich video editing solutions, wave, video & Animatron studio. Wave studio is good for people who just want to import their clip onto the timeline & add a bunch of titles, color presets, then export & upload it onto their favorite Social Media Channel. Another one (Animatron Studio) is for people who want to create an animation for their business website or maybe you can say Social Media Ad. This one comes with a huge library of animated characters & background presets. Also, their company provides several other tools like a separate Explainer video maker on their website.

3. Biteable

Biteable is one of the most recommended online video editors on this list because of its easy to use interface & availability of templates. You have to import your video on the timeline & add some transitions, titles. After that you have to download those files on your local storage & boom, you’re good to go. Also, you can choose your default resolution for your video in the beginning, e.g., you need to select portrait (9:16) resolution if you want to edit your video for Tiktok or Instagram reels. Also, you can re-use your previously imported clips on your upcoming projects. Biteable is ideal for creating video ads & infographics clips. You can create multiple videos but you’ll have to live with a watermark on your videos on its free plan.

4. Clipchamp

Clipchamp comes with an Interface similar to Imovie or Filmora (offline). The interface is much similar to IMovie & comes with a Drag & Drop functionality just like all modern video editors. So, all you need to do is to import your media files, drag them on to the timeline & start editing. You can add some modern transitions & drag some preloaded sound effects onto the timeline to make your video more appealing. Climpchamp is much more like a basic video editing tool that lacks modern features & a free plan with unlimited exports with SD quality.

5. Kapwing

So, If you’re looking for a meme video editor, gif creator or you just simply want to create a montage with a bunch of photographs. Then you’re in the right place. Kapwing is a very nice video editor that comes with several functionalities as stated in the gif below. Also, you can add text, subtitles & colorful borders to your clips & export them up to 720p resolution. Kapwing can act as a nice solution to those who continuously work with Social Media ad platforms & content creation.

6. Loom

Loom is a different kind of online video editor we’ve covered so far. It’s more of a screen recording software that lets you edit your screen recordings in real-time. Also, it records video from your webcam along with your screen altogether & creates a nice looking effect which can be very useful for people who love sending screen recording tutorials to their clients or students. Loom also comes with a screencast feature that lets you directly stream your screen to a different device. We find this tool awesome because it comes free with no watermark & quality downloads. People can also send emojis & reacts to your recorded videos & you can also password protect your videos.


OFFEO is an online video editing tool specially designed for short-form videos i.e., Social Media Ads, etc. If you love tinkering with your product photos & want to show your followers something different than just a plain picture of your product, then this tool comes in handy. First of all get an image of your product e.g., shoes, & remove the background with built-in background remover, then import that image on timeline & start customizing it with text, various elements, animations, etc. You can also create social media invitations, animated posts, etc with OFFEO. Possibilities are endless. OFFEO also offers a built-in advanced editing tool. If you’re not satisfied with the basic one. But OFFEO does not come with a free plan but they do provide 14 days money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with their services.

8. Pawtoon

Pawtoon is an online animation tool that comes in handy if you want to create an online animated or illustration video. This tool comes with several pre-built templates such as animated characters & background. Several animation styles are available as well as the popular whiteboard animation tool & animated explainer. Pawtoon does come with a free plan in which you can create videos up to 3 minutes long in HD quality & Pawtoon watermark.

9. Renderforest

Renderforest is not just a video editor but it also comes with several other useful features such as logos, graphics, mockups, and website creation, etc.

Renderforest’s online editor helps you create a video with animated characters & also includes whiteboard animation presets. Renderforest includes a music visualizer with several templates for your music videos. It comes with a free plan in which you can export videos for up to 1 minute in 360p with a watermark.

10. Soapbox

Soapbox is a screen recorder launched by Wistia which comes with an easy to use interface & intuitive UI. With this tool, you can record your computer’s screen, webcam & audio from the microphone. You can create some awesome videos for your clients or students with your screen recordings & your custom thumbnail or facecam on it. Great for people who’re experiencing hard times shooting tutorial videos or prospecting with the sales team from a remote location. Soapbox enables you to create unlimited videos with no watermark but they do share a promotional message with all of your videos.

11. Typito

If you’ve ever used any linear video editor like windows movie maker & IMovie, you’ll find yourself pretty comfortable with Typito. You can choose from 3 different orientations landscape, portrait, or square. On Typito you need to upload assets from your local store or you can use them from the pre-added assets which are the photos from Unsplash. You can add text or graphical overlays. You can add music to your videos & upload them directly on Youtube or Facebook. However, keep in mind that you’re only allowed 2 exports per video with the free plan.

12. WeVideo

Wevideo is a basic & beginner-friendly video editing tool. Wevideo doesn’t come with too many options. It looks very similar to Windows Movie Maker & iMovie in terms of the user interface. The same drag and drop functionality with some pre-added assets can also be seen here, but Wevideo does support export up to 4k resolution. But you’ll have to live with only a 5-minute long video with a watermark in its free version.

13. Animaker

Animaker is not a video editor but more of an Animation tool that provides several range of animated characters, backgrounds & tools. Also, you can upload your media assets, sound, etc. You can change the colors of your text or background from the color picker. So, if you want to create an animated illustration video then you can give it a go, but do remember that Animaker comes with several limitations in its free plan such as you cannot export your video on your local storage, you’ll have to directly upload that file on Facebook or Youtube. Also, you can create only 5 videos per month for 2 minutes long each.

14. Headliner

Headliner is the most unique tool in this list because it comes with several unique features like a waveform generator, which comes in handy if you love to create music videos on Youtube e.g., NCS. So, you’ll just have to upload your audio file on Headliner & it’ll analyze your music video & will generate dynamic waveforms automatically. After that, you can select from several templates for how you want it to look like. Another wonderful feature is that they support auto-transcribing your videos, which means Headliner generates captions for your videos automatically. It doesn’t mean that captions will be 100% accurate every time but you’ll have to tweak them according to your need. But at least you don’t have to start from scratch. cool! It also comes with a unique feature that automatically summarizes an article in the form of a video. Whether it’s the power of AI or some black magic but this feature is awesome. like if we want to create a video version of this article in the quickest way possible, we can do that with Headliner. Headliner also comes with a basic video editor in which you can merge clips, add titles & music. Headliner comes with a free version in which you can export 5 unwatermarked videos per month.

15. Rocketium

Rocketium is not just an online video editor but more of a collaborative tool for Designers & Marketers who’re regularly engaged in Video advertisements on Social Media. The interface is quite intuitive & beginner-friendly. After that, you have several video themes to help you jump-start the process. You can add music, text, or change the orientation of the whole project in real-time. After completing your edit you can export it up to 720p & you’re limited to only 3 videos per month.

16. Animoto

Animoto is a great video editing tool for people who love to create slideshows out of images, it doesn’t mean that you can’t upload & edit clips with Animoto & you’ll only have to work with images. First, you’ll have to choose a default template for your project. After successfully building your project, you need to upload the images and clips and then add titles, select a different design, or add graphical overlays to make your video look more beautiful. You can also add music to your project by simply clicking on the “Music” tab. Animoto comes with an easy to use interface but beginners may find it tricky to navigate between tabs.

17. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular tools on this list especially known for generating Graphics for Social media. They’ve recently added functionality to edit videos & it’s amazing because if you’re one of the people who always use canva for graphics but move to a different tool for editing videos. As for the user interface, Canva is not similar to any video editing tool listed above & does not come with a timeline. If you’ve previously worked with Canva, then it may be easy for you but for beginners, it’ll be tricky sometimes. Also, you have several templates available to choose from which is nice & almost everything comes for free except for some paid assets & templates. Also, storage for your imported clips is less in the free plan. (5 GB)

18. Invideo

Invideo claims to have over 800,000+ users worldwide & comes with a lot of templates. So, you just need to upload your clips & see that a template is working for you or not. Also, you can use it for other purposes like making an intro for your Youtube channel with a png logo. Invideo offers different video sizes for different Social media channels. You can also save projects just like in any offline video editor for future purposes. Invideo comes with a timeline editor and drag and drop editor. So, you can try Invideo for sure if you’re looking for an online video editor that comes with a great set of tools & a vast library of templates.

So, This was our list of 18 best online video editors available in the market right now. Most of them are free & you must give them a try. Do you think we left your favourite tool? Please let us know in the comment section below.