What is WordPress & Why it became so Important over time?


A digital future is waiting for us! We have already stepped into the age of the internet where bits and bytes are streamed endlessly.
With the arrival of this digital age every business, the portfolio is turning towards online modes. There are lots of INTERESTING websites on the internet that you can use to do lots of different stuff!
It is good to know that now we all have the power to build our own stunning websites and mark our own digital footprints.

WordPress is one of the most popular and trending platform to design and cater to blogs and websites.
The WordPress platform has huge community support which will make your life easier than ever while designing websites. There are many themes, plugins and tools that you can use to build your OWN website!

Why WordPress is popular?

WordPress enables user to create their own stunning and dynamic websites with ease. It has a lot of community support who are behind the never ending creation of easy to use tools and plugins and dynamic themes which are easy to use and install.

Is WordPress easy to use?

Yes! WordPress consists a Drag & Drop builder which helps us developing a website with ease & also includes a powerful code editor for power users. So, whether you’re a experienced programmer or an absolute beginner, WordPress got you covered.

Which websites are made on WordPress?

There are many popular websites which are made on WordPress, e.g.,




https://blog.playstation.com and many other .These websites are created with WordPress.

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is an abstracted set of codes which forms the front end of the user but the best thing about WordPress is that its themes do allow you to mingle with the code and at the same time you can go for full non coding journey of creating your website! The theme is layout and structure of the websites with different font styles, color schemes and other specific features (vary from theme to theme).

What is a WordPress plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a tool which will help you save time and effort to do a lot of unimaginable task with ease. A plugin is short to do long and hefty tasks. There exists many plugins with variety of functionalities, some of which are for sharing bar, Facebook plugin allows you to show you Facebook posts of your page anywhere on your site, and much more!

Is WordPress secure?

There is no guarantee that a website can be fully secured. The WordPress websites are presumed to be easily penetrable but if you are conscious and take all the necessary steps to prevent attacks on the websites then you can assure yourself that your website is safe. Also the frequent updates and plugins like WP-Scan and Word Fence do help a lot in clearing the clutter from the server side of the website (backend).

Do I need to know coding to make websites on WordPress?

No, you definitely don’t need to learn any coding part to make websites on WordPress because everything is ready-made and you just need to connect right pieces and everything works great. But knowing some coding beforehand do comes a lot handy in troubleshooting. You can also add your own custom CSS and JS code to push boundaries of WordPress.

Lets just mark steps on building your own websites in just x steps!
A. If you have your own hosting service
  1. Purchase a domain or just make a subdomain from your existing domains.
  2. Go to your C-panel and select the option to create websites
  3. Now you just have to install WordPress and set its username and password
  4. Just login to your WordPress dashboard, the link: yourdomain.com/wp-admin
  5. Right after logging into your WordPress account, you will see the dashboard.
  6. Go to appearance-> themes, choose from various themes available just for free.
  7. Go to posts->Add new, Just start writing and publishing!